Share and Collaborate with Ease

Sharing images is now easy and cost-effective. From pharmaceutical or academic research to tumor boards and education, the SL5‘s digital pathology mode makes sharing images fast, easy, and efficient. Whether you need to share an image with someone across campus or across the world, our solutions make it possible without leaving your desk. Now digital pathology images can be distributed and shared with anyone, anywhere.*

Share images within PACS and LIMS environments easily, with no HL7 interface required
With an Active Directory, new data is automatically updated into your information management system
We partner with QualityStar and XIFIN to provide high-resolution images for Quality-as-a-Service (QaaS) for Anatomic Pathology applications
XIFIN Partnership
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Digital Pathology

Digital pathology creates a permanent digital record of your tissue or cytology sample. These images can be shared with research and academic colleagues regardless of location. Advantages of digital pathology include instantly retrieving, viewing and analyzing images from large digital archives.*

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Digital Pathology Applications

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.